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Our most popular 1-hour ride is perfect for first time riders.You'll see the beauty and ruggedness of Palo Duro Canyon State Park close up... We'll ride past Sad Monkey Mesa, the Catarina Caves, hoodoos, some of the canyon's Spanish Skirts, and along side the walls of the canyon — beautifully comprised of different layers & colors and revealing 230 million years of geologic history. Blooming cactus and wildflowers, 'tho seasonal, are typically abundant. Riders are often lucky enough to get a glimpse of some of the wildlife that's abundant in the canyon... mule deer, feral hogs, wild turkeys, road runners, aoudad sheep and sometimes, even a coyote, bobcat or diamondback rattle snake!



Experience Palo Duro Canyon Horseback!

Our most popular ride is 1-hour long and accommodates mostly small groups never exceeding 5 riders! Kids must be 6 years or older and adults must weigh under 225 lbs. No riding experience needed!

"No hour of life is wasted
that is spent in the saddle"

Winston Churchill

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