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Welcome to the Family!

Our experienced guides will do everything to make sure that you and your family have a great time at Old West Stables. Starting with you, we carefully match one of our seasoned trail horses to each rider. It doesn't matter if you're a first time rider who's 6 years old or 60! We have the perfect horse for you . Every single one of our horses are gentle and patient with all our guests.


Guinness has been a member of the Old West Stables family for 8 years. He is the alpha horse here. 

Typical Rider: Tall Men, but is great with everyone. 
Likes: Sugar Cubes, trail riding, and Savannah (his favorite wrangler). 
Special Talents: Grinning after getting a treat, keeping all of the other horses in line with a simple back of the ears, surefooted travel through the canyon like a Mountain Goat, and never trying to get out of work! 
Dislikes: Days off and other horses in his personal space. 
Personality described by a song: “Macho Man”


Festus has been a part of the Old West Stables family for 13 years. He is hands down, no contest, one of the greatest trail horses that has ever lived. You could drive the tires off of a new pickup searching for a horse as kind, tough, willing and safe as Ol Festus and still come up short. It is an honor and a blessing to own such a great horse. Festus is semi- retired as he is well into his 20’s, but when there is a small child that needs a trustworthy mount to safely carry them around the trail, Festus answers the call just as eagerly as he did 13 years ago. He has calmed the nerves and won the hearts of many nervous kiddos and their terrified parents. We love him dearly and are incredibly blessed to call him ours.


Hootz has been a part of the Old West Stables family for 10 years. He is a valued and respected member of this family. He is trusted with adults and children alike. He can do it all!
Likes: Being FIRST in line, hiding in the tack room of the barn while searching for grain and shade, GRAIN, playing in the water and taking baths, followed by a good roll in the red Texas Panhandle soil. Picking back and forth with Deets like the characters of Grumpy Old Men.
Dislikes: Running out of grain, being put in a pen without Deets, getting stuck in the middle of the line on a ride.
There are few as trustworthy, kind, and hilarious as ol’ Hootz. We are certainly blessed to call him ours!


Jake has been a part of the Old West Stables family for 7 years. Jake has been ridden and loved by many!
Likes: walking leisurely at the back of the line, NAPPING in the sun, posing for pictures with pretty little girls, and being petted!
Dislikes: Doing anything quickly, being disturbed during nap time and sharing his hay bale with others!
Personality in a song: “Daydream Believer”


Meet Buddy! Buddy has been a part of the Old West stables family for 8 years. Buddy’s easy going, loving personality has won the hearts of many over the years! Buddy has safely carried men, women and children of all ages through the Palo Duro Canyon. During the miserable heat of July, the chill of November, the gusty winds of the spring, and the beautiful sunshine of the majority of the year, Buddy is happily saddled up and never gives attitude and never shirks a task. He is invaluable to us, and we are so blessed to call him ours!
Likes: Wandering just outside of the trail, but never away from the group (he lives life outside the box), grazing on the fresh spring grass along the trail, SCRATCHES from anyone or anything that will stand still long enough, being loved, and going for trail rides!
Dislikes: Horse flies the size of small birds, grouchy horses, and staying in the trail.
Personality in a song: The Wanderer


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Moose is 16 years old. This is his first year at Old West Stables, and he has made a hand! He began his journey at Old West Stables during the busiest time of year...SPRING BREAK, and never shirked a task! He was ridden this spring by our guides, but he quickly proved that he was kind and trustworthy! He has safely carried many riders around the trail since! He provides the best view of the trail as he is the TALLEST horse at Old West Stables! We are so blessed to have added Moose to our string!


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New guy on the block


Gus is a dinosaur. We have no idea how old he is. He is the spunkiest old man you will ever meet.  He has been with us since 2005, and is now semi-retired. He likes to spend his summers at the local girl scout horse camp being brushed and fed treats. During the winter he loves spending time with his best pal Festus.

Meet the Herd: Meet the Team
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